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Visio Tip-of-the-week: Number Two

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Before I start in with specific tips, I’m going to start with some Visio basics. A few shortcut keys that make your life a lot easier.

Control and drag a shape
This is going to copy the shape you have selected. Need a second anything? Hold down control and drag the new one where you need it.

Shift and drag a shape
Similar to control, this one drags the shape in-line with the original position. All you’re doing here is dragging straight up or straight across.

Control, shift and drag a shape
Now, the fun starts. You need a duplicated shape. But, you want it lined up with the previous shape (either vertically or horizontally). Think a row of checkboxes on a UI or a row of bookshelves in a room plan (more on room plans later).

Control, shift and drag a shape. Then, F4
If I do anything in a day a hundred times, this might be it. This does everything that control+shift+drag does. But, every click of the F4 magically repeats the process again (from the last shape added). Need 10 boxes in a row? Yes, you could put 10 boxes down on the page, align them, and distribute them. Isn’t F4 more fun?