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Trouble with titles

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

So, the work continues on Knit2.

Almost all of the work at this point is on Michael’s plate–perhaps it’s a bit of a buffetSideways knit seed-stitch scarf. We have authenticating, image uploading, email sending, and profile updating on the development server. After I finished knitting my horizontal, striped, seed-stitch scarf out of all my Christmas yarn scraps, I needed to busy myself with something. I decided that we needed Knit2 business cards. Then, I realized the Knitters2 needed job titles.

Michael has decided that he wants “Developer.” For the most part, he wanted to be left alone to work and not be asked repeatedly what job title he wanted.

There were quite a few contenders for my job title after I started soliciting suggestions. Rear Admiral Knitter, Field Marshall Knitter, Chief Knitting Officer, Chief Knitting Architect, and Founder (my least favourite) were all contenders.

To sum up: Michael is working very hard. I’m the world’s first Chief Knitting Officer. The business cards are on their way, too.