Visio Stencil: IKEA Furniture

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The masses (ok, it’s at least more than 20) have searched for a Visio stencil for IKEA furniture. I can understand why – the IKEA kitchen planner crashes on me whenever I try to use it. And, it’s IKEA catalogue season, too.

So, now I present my first version of the IKEA furniture stencil. I’ve done a bunch of wall unit families, some beds, a few TV stands, and some wardrobe systems. I’ll keep adding onto it – this is just a version 1.0. The furniture shapes are to-scale with the room shapes in the Visio “Walls, doors and windows” stencil (available in Visio 2007 Standard and Professional). I used the measurements in the IKEA 2008 catalogue.

The thing is – I don’t like IKEA furniture despite being able to name and price a stranger’s living room. My knowledge of Billy and Ivar and Tullsta is well-known. In a distant land, I used to spend 18 hours at a time assembling things like the Alve corner workstation. I recognized my problem, banned the purchase of new IKEA furniture, and starting watching Fight Club more often. I still go to IKEA for the inexpensive lox sandwiches and the occasional frame.

Now, get out your Allen key and download the IKEA furniture stencil v1.0


Another IKEA stencil.  IKEA Rugs  (940k)