Zigzag sari scarf


Close up of zig zag sari scarf
After I bought some silk yarn made out of recycled saris, I tried to think of what to make with it. I didn’t have much luck finding patterns. Also, I found most of them to look – for lack of a better word – intense. They looked too much like cheap fun-fur yarn and not the nice silk that this is. So, I made up my own pattern.

I decided to make a striped scarf by carrying along a second yarn that picked up some of the same colours in the yarn. It also makes the more expensive yarn go a little farther.


Scarf detail

  • 1 skein Fiddlesticks Knitting Raj Silk (the weight of these varies), 100m
  • 100m of a complimentary yarn in a similar weight
  • 5mm needles (size 8 US needles)


Cast on 45 stitches

In a 15 stitch pattern

Row 1: knit 2 together, k4, knit into the front and back of the stitch, k1, knit into the front and back of the stitch, k4, ssk
Row 2: knit

At this point, you can choose if you want to knit 2 rows in one colour or 4 rows in one colour. The close-up photo of my scarf used 4 rows. The image of the scarf shows that I started out with 2 rows in each colour and then switched to 4 rows after about 4 inches. I’m doing this effect to make each end look more solid. You could also make a solid block and then continue to either alternating pattern. Just remember to carry the other yarn along with you as you go.


Bind off all stitches loosely. Weave in any ends.

2 Responses to “Zigzag sari scarf”

  1. This is a fantastic pattern. I’ve been looking at this skein of Raj Silk trying to figure out what to make that wouldn’t look like, as someone on Ravelry said – a fuzzy moppet (whatever that is). At any rate, thanks for coming up with a great pattern. I’m going to try it with some Turkish cotton as a compliment. SQ

  2. Joanna says:

    Nice! That yarn is just too nice to stay in a skein.