The Crawl


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In 1988, Spirit of the West released an anthem to the alchoholics of the North Shore (no, not the one in Hawaii) with The Crawl. It was never as popular as Home for a Rest, the international standard for drinking songs.

We’re good old boys, we come from the North Shore
Drinkers and carousers, the likes you’ve never seen
And, this night, by God, we drank till there was no more
From The Troller to the Raven and all stops in between

It’s the sort of anthem that stirs the spirit of the otherwise apathetic, upper-middle class, North Shore resident – even if they’ve never attempted The Crawl.

It occured to me this evening that the Park Royal Hotel (mentioned in the song) is no more. There are a lot of other great pubs now open in between the Troller and the Raven that didn’t make it into the song – because the song is twenty years old. The Black Bear Pub in Lynn Valley or the Maplewood Pub would have made good stops on the way to the Raven. I’m not sure that anything rhymes with Maplewood. Staple should? Papal good?

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