I came back as a bag of groceries


Grocery receipt with items by category

Here is a blurry photo that I took of my grocery bill from Sobey’s.  You will notice that the bill is itemized by category: grocery, meat, produce, deli, and bakery. 

It reminded me of the DesignSlam from the last CanUX conference in Banff.  The design problem was based on a grocery store chain.  Out of all the solutions that were presented, I’m not sure anyone thought of this one.  And, it’s so simple – just print out the bill after you’ve scanned all the items and reorder.  Nice.

Anyway, this grocery trip yielded a fantastic dinner of pasta with romesco sauce.

3 Responses to “I came back as a bag of groceries”

  1. Dethe Elza says:

    I just want the receipt in a machine-readable form so I can get the info into my own personal finance software. It would make shopping easier too, because rather than trying to remember what it is that is missing from the cupboards, I can print a list of things we buy regularly and compare, “Oh yeah, we’re out of yoghurt culture.”

    The future will be itemized.

  2. Kate Trgovac says:

    It only took me two days to clue into the They Might Be Giants song ref. W00t!

  3. Joanna says:

    Lucky for me – I’ve had the song in my head for about four days now.