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Toothpastery: No longer dead to me

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Toothpaste, 1 August (AM), originally uploaded by toothpastery.

The unique color and texture of Fresh Umbrian Clay Toothpaste result from the high concentration of pure white clay from the earth of Nocera Umbra, Italy. The discovery of white clay tablets inside the tombs of Etruscans in the 6th century BC suggest that white clay possessed mystical meaning for this ancient civilization. As early as the 1500s, doctors, scientists and naturalists remedy to heal eczema, dermatitis and other skin irritations; treat insect bites; relieve muscular pains and improve oral hygiene.

White clay controls the build-up of plaque, helping to maintain healthy gums. These natural qualities of white clay make Fresh Umbrian Clay toothpaste highly effective. When used on a regular basis, the mild abrasive properties result in visible whitening action without damage to the tooth enamel. As a natural pain reliever, this toothpaste is especially helpful for people with sensitive and/or inflamed gums.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Toothpaste is free of any artificial whiteners, colorants, thickeners, synthetic flavorings or preservatives and sodium laureth sulfate. By keeping the ingredients in their natural state, the formulation allows the unique natural qualities of white clay to deliver its full benefits.

Translation: one 125g tube is $30