The “annoying” shapes window


Visio shapes window and how to close it in the upper right cornerIn an ongoing theme of tip suggestions from Google, I got one from my Google keyword searches.

“visio turn off annoying shapes window”

So, on your right you can see how you can close the shapes window in the upper right corner. See that “x” up there?

Now, why would you ever want to do this? I’m not entirely sure. You’re using Visio for the shapes, aren’t you? Love your stencils, and they’ll love you back. Maybe you were looking for more of a full-screen / F5 experience?

At this point, you’ve lost your shapes window and now want it back? View > Shapes Window (it’s even the first option).

This tip was brought to you by the anonymous person who searched Google for “visio turn off annoying shapes window”

2 Responses to “The “annoying” shapes window”

  1. Joanna says:

    But, would you ever call it annoying?

  2. Adam says:

    That’s all well and good, but what if, when setting up a new monitor, you lose your shapes window altogether? Is there a way to bring it back, similar to what Adobe does with it’s “Workspace?” As it stands right now, I can’t even get my Shapes window to show up anymore, despite turning it off and on again in the above mentioned location…