Visio tip-of-the-week (bonus): Visio did not open a recovered file


You’re in a meeting. You show a Visio document with F5. Everyone likes it. When you get back to your desk, your computer has frozen and you have to do a hard boot. Or, the power goes out because every office in the city is cooled to 17 degrees Celsius. Or, as Microsoft describes, “something goes wrong with the Microsoft Office program itself.” Horribly, horribly wrong.

AutoRecover is supposed to take care of you in this situation. It’s that annoying little message that pops up while you’re working. To get to it, it’s Tools>Options then Save/Open. You can also turn it off (but, why?). I like that five second break in my day.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of different files open at a time. And, when Visio restarts and tells you that it only has one (or no files) to recover for you, it seems like panic time.

I’m going to rewrite Microsoft’s answer to this problem because it’s far too long and tries to help me with Microsoft Office programs that I’m not interested in.

  1. Go to open a file
  2. Put %temp%\*.vsd in as the file name and click OK
  3. Stare at the senselessly named files
  4. Sort the files by date
  5. Start opening files from the time of your crash
  6. When you find your file, save it with a better name.

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