Seven wonders of the CBC


I have a nice tradition when I’m feeling under the weather. I close the curtains and lie in bed listening to CBC Radio on AM. Quietly. The last few days (weeks? It seems like a long time) they won’t shut up about the Seven Wonders of Canada. I’m not entirely sure who thought up this idea for a pure fluff piece on nothingness. But, it’s over. Maybe.

The seven wonders of the CBC, a proposal:

  1. Shelagh Rogers’ ability to turn any interview into an opportunity to tell an anecdote about herself
  2. The folksy charm of Stuart Mclean and his imaginary friends. Most people are on medication for that.
  3. The beginning of the long dash following ten seconds of silence
  4. The Tickle Trunk
  5. The ageless, hip-robot quality of Brent Bambury (I estimate his age at 53).
  6. The ghost of Lister Sinclair
  7. The CBC’s need to create meaningless lists like the Seven Wonders of Canada, Canada Reads, The National Playlist or The Greatest Canadian that allegedly represent this country to its residents in a way that is only significant to CBC employees.

3 Responses to “Seven wonders of the CBC”

  1. You’re funny. The CBC is…

  2. Kate Trgovac says:

    Don’t forget their newest meaningless activity .. the Great Canadian Wish on Facebook.

  3. Joanna says:

    Right! I forgot about the Great Canadian Wish. Here’s mine: I wish CBC Radio would build proper discussion forums on their web site so they could stop spending half of their air-time reading letters out loud from enraged listeners over the Seven Wonders of Canada list.