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An infinite loop of Google Ads

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

I admit that I don’t completely understand The Internet. Today, I followed a Google ad from Craig’s blog because it mildly interested me. Perhaps it just interested me more than the adjacent ad for wedding favours which left me wondering why Google thinks Craig’s audience needs wedding favours. Anyway, I ended up at Election Central on The Tyee:
A screenshot of The's election coverage

Right there. See that? Liberal Leadership Vote. It’s a Google Ad for this very page on

If you or I were to repeatedly click on that link, would The Tyee earn a small amount of money while paying out a larger sum per click? I like the independent nature of the fine folks at the Tyee, and I’d rather not watch them go bankrupt over a tiny text ad. So, my advice to is simple: go into AdSense, click on AdSense Setup, click on Competitive Ad Filter, and add your own URL to the list.

Craig might want to do the same for the wedding favours. Then again, he did get the click through from me because I was just too curious.