Why the water sucks


If nothing else, the boil water advisory has made me realize how little water I actually drink in a day. Perhaps when it’s not as foul, I will revel in drinking more water.

In the meantime, no one is talking about how Vancouver’s water became this murky slop. It’s not like there’s an invisible danger like e.coli in there. It’s just really disgusting. And, no one is talking about why the water got this way. It’s just raining a lot? I don’t think that’s it.

Vancouver’s water comes from watersheds. They’re a bunch of huge lakes in the mountains.

The GVRD manages three forested watersheds to provide Lower Mainland residents with clear, pure drinking water. The watersheds are closed to the public to safeguard the water supply.

Uh, right. The public is kept out. However, the GVRD goes in and logs the watershed. What’s in the water? Muck. What causes muck? Erosion. What causes soil erosion in a forest? Logging?

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