Joanna Briggs

Opificer. Orthographer. Tricoteuse. Canadian. Joanna is living the dream.

During the last while, Joanna has created the information, interaction and interface design for many large organizations including four of the five Canadian banks, three automobile manufacturers, two large technology companies and one transit authority. For the most part, using Visio. She has spoken about this at the IA Summit and the UPA conference.

Based in Vancouver, Joanna is fortunate to work at Simply Accessible, Inc. as a UX architect. Simply Accessible focuses on creating accessible, engaging user experiences. And, it doesn't just say that on their web site.

She was famous on the Internet for 0.9 seconds for meticulously photographing toothpaste twice a day. 600 times. Other photographic and digital artworks by Joanna have been exhibited in galleries in Canada, France and Poland.

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